Effective nail cleaning in less than half the time
Attach to your sink or stick on the shower wall
‘Assisted-living’ nail brush for those with dexterity impairment

Dual Brush is the only nail brush for cleaning fingernails of both hands, at the same time!

Our hands are an important part of our everyday lives. Whether using our phone, laptop, TV remote or when cooking, gardening, doing DIY or using the toilet, our hands and fingernails must be cleaned properly to prevent the spread of germs.

How to use

Suction cups hold securely onto any smooth, non-porous surface such as ceramic tiles, glass shower screens, porcelain or metal sinks.

Dual Brush works best when attached vertically on a shower wall and flat or angled in a sink or washbasin.

We recommend that you clean the brush between uses and allow to dry.

1 Suction cups should be slightly wet and non-porous, glossy surface clean and dry.
2 Press Dual Brush against the surface and hold for 3 seconds.
3 Apply soap or sanitiser and scrub fingernails of both hands.
4 Rinse and dry hands.
5 Rinse brush and allow to dry naturally.


Dual Brush is made from recyclable polypropylene
with firm nylon bristles for a thorough clean.
Dimensions: L 80mm W 64mm H 78mm

Nail brushing is an integral part of hand hygiene, from the home to the workplace.

Finger and thumb nails harbour bacteria which can cause the spread of illness and viral infections. Dual Brush is the most effective and efficient nail brush, allowing you to clean BOTH hands at the same time.


From soil under your nails, to touching harmful or toxic plants – Dual Brush will have your fingernails back to sparkling.

Domestic kitchen

For effective and quick hand hygiene after cooking or cleaning, save time by installing Dual Brush in your kitchen.


A tablespoon of sugar added to some water and mixed into a paste then scrubbing your nails with Dual Brush after any DIY job!


Let Dual Brush make clean-up time fun for kids, whislt teaching your children the importance of hand hygiene.

Our nail ends harbour many harmful bacteria that can cause the spread of germs and viruses.

Hand washing alone is not enough!

Hand washing alone is not enough!

Dirt and germs under our nail ends can only be effectively removed by using a nail brush.

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